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Designed for Longevity

Be a part of designing a community for your future!

Join national experts in landscape design, home renovation, community space creation to learn what a great community for seniors should look like. AND Ė work alongside a team of staff from DCís office on Planning to learn about Reservation 13, SE Waterfront, NOMA and other emerging areas. We will be working together to begin creating the community for seniors. Also, hear Charles Allenís thoughts and vision for the future of Ward 6.

Do you ever wonder how Capitol Hill and the D.C. area are going to change in the coming years and what that will mean for your living on Capitol Hill? Come to Capitol Hill Villageís symposium Designed for Longevity to hear about how personal, public, and commercial spaces can be design to create a community for longevity.

CHVís third symposium in the A Greater Capitol Hill for Long Life series, Designed for Longevity, will present and discuss design for seniors in buildings, products, public spaces and more. The event will engage seniors themselves to answer questions and explore design concepts to help make their own spaces, communication and community healthier, safer and easier to navigate.

The event will bring together consumers and practitioners so they can build towards creating a Capitol Hill that fosters living a long life. Together, they will consider how personal and public spaces, as well as products and technology should be designed.

Friday, December 9, 10 am Ė 4 pm
Kaiser Permanenteís Center for Total Health, 700 2nd St NE, Washington DC

Click here to read more about the Designed for Longevity symposium. Please note that complimentary garage parking is not available for this event. Please call the office ASAP if you need need a ride.

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Click here to read the December Capitol Hill Village News. You will learn about the upcoming Designed for Longevity symposium, read a recap of the Building Healthy Communities symposium, learn about playgrounds for seniors (coming soon to DC), theater offerings, Village Voice events and more!

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