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Judy Berman, Executive Director

Judy Berman is excited to serve Capitol Hill Village as Executive Director.  She has been a resident of Capitol Hill since 2001, and brings a broad range of experience to CHV.  She has studied and taught American literature, trained healthcare workers and police on intimate partner violence and, since 2006, did policy research and advocacy on a range of economic, social, and health related issues in DC, including long term care, healthy housing, education and services for people with disabilities, and workforce development.  She has a B.A. from Brown University, and a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.  Judy is an avid consumer of audiobooks (she's been a member of Audible for so long she still has a separate user name!), a student of Shotokan Karate, and has as many four-legged members of her household as two-legged.  Contact Judy at jberman@capitolhillvillage.org


Aleshia Faust, Membership Champion

Aleshia is passionate about building sustainable and diverse communities, and excited to bring that passion to CHV.  As the Membership Champion, she is eager to work with CHV members to promote programming that is culturally responsive to the many identities of our members. In her spare time she enjoys attending poetry events, and traveling.  Aleshia has a BA in Business Management from Washington College, and a MA in Sociology from American University.  Send Aleshia an email at:  afaust@capitolhillvillage.org





Angel Freeman

Angel Freeman, Office Manager

Angel Freeman joined CHV in 2019 as the office manager.  She comes from 15 years’ experience working in senior services where she did sales and operations. She is especially pleased to be at CHV because she enjoys working with seniors and is passionate about helping them maintain their independence. Angel loves fitness and wellbeing, bringing her positivity to the Village.  She is a certified Fitness Instructor and teaches at her local gym.  Additionally, Angel was raised in the region, after moving to the US as a toddler.  Send Angel an email at: afreeman@capitolhillvillage.org

Katie Garber

Katie Garber, Director of Volunteer and Care Services

Katie Garber is a native of Takoma Park.  Katie fell in love with social work service to seniors as a graduate student.  She has worked across a range of settings including the Guardianship Assistance Program in DC's Superior Court, independent living settings at Riderwood, and community based work at Iona Senior Services. Katie has a BA from St. Mary’s College and her MSW from University of Maryland.  Send Katie an email at:  kgarber@capitolhillvillage.org.

Tomeka Lee

Tomeka Lee, Transportation Outreach Manager

Tomeka has a background in social services and customer relationship management, and lives in DC with her two pups.  After starting with CHV as the Membership Champion, Tomeka now serves DC Villages as the Transportation Outreach Manager. Her role includes advocating for accessible and realistic transportation options for DC seniors, on the Hill and beyond. Tomeka has a BS from University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and an MPH from Liberty University.  Send Tomeka an email at:  tlee@capitolhillvillage.org.

Samantha Schiffman

Samantha Schiffman, Care Services Manager

Samantha has worked on inter-generational programs and senior services since she was an undergraduate.  Today she brings those skills  to collaborate with members and volunteers to Capitol Hill Village. Samantha is excited to work with CHV members in improving their quality of life as they age in place.  Samantha has a BA from SUNY New Paltz and an MSW from Boston College.  Send Samantha an email at sschiffman@capitolhillvillage.org

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Jacquelyn Smith, Volunteer and Programs Coordinator

Jacquelyn Smith has a background in community organizing and electoral politics. She is thrilled to work with members and neighbors from across diverse Capitol Hill as the Volunteer and Programs Coordinator. Jacquelyn grew up just south of Boston, Massachusetts in a multi-generational household. She received a BS in Environmental Science and hopes to attend graduate school someday in the social sciences. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting, camping, and cuddling with her dog. Send Jacquelyn an email at:  jsmith@capitolhillvillage.org





Meghan Wrinkle

Meghan Wrinkle, Care Services and Programs Specialist

Meghan started at CHV as an intern, worked for several years as the Volunteer and Programs Coordinator, and today serves as the new Care Services and Programs Specialist. In her newest role with the Village,  Meghan runs a pilot program through a grant from ICAM. Through providing training and part-time employment to DC seniors, Meghan is working to improve health outcomes for the city's at-risk seniors using peer support for transportation, training, and medical note taking. Meghan has a BA from University of Maryland Baltimore County and has aspirations of joining the Social Work profession.  Send Meghan an email at mwrinkle@capitolhillvillage.org