Capitol Hill Village Service Area

This map details the geographic boundaries which Capitol Hill Village draws its membership. Not sure if you're in our footprint? Contact us! We'd love to hear from you.

Our Mission

Capitol Hill Village is a member-driven, volunteer-based local organization that engages neighbors to build a vibrant, inclusive and age friendly community that empowers everyone to thrive and live meaningful, purposeful lives.

Organizational Goals

  1. Ensure that older adults are socially engaged with persons outside their home.
  2. Create and implement a range of learning opportunities for older adults about longevity, wellness, current affairs, and technology.
  3. Provide volunteer services to older adults that help them age on their own terms and demonstrate they are valued in the community.
  4. Provide care services to older adults to support them and their families to stay well and live a quality life.
  5. Engage older adults to be civic members through volunteerism, activism, and/or serving on advisory committees.

Information about what, how, and why Capitol Hill Village has its programs can be accessed here

Learn About the Importance of the Village Movement

When Capitol Hill Village opened in 2007, it was only the second Villages in the country. Now we are the largest of 13 Villages serving the District of Columbia, one of 74 Villages in the DMV, and one of almost 300 Villages across the United States and elsewhere. Learn more about the impact Villages have through the video above!