Capitol Hill Village Service Area

This map details the geographic boundaries which Capitol Hill Village draws its membership. Not sure if you're in our footprint? Contact us! We'd love to hear from you.

Our Mission

Capitol Hill Village helps older adults navigate and embrace the opportunities of aging. Through the efforts
of volunteers, members, partners, and staff we provide a wide-range of services and programs that
promote the well-being of all older adults in our community.

Our Vision

Older adults thriving in a vibrant, inclusive, and age-friendly community. 

Core Values

Information about what, how, and why Capitol Hill Village has its programs can be accessed here

Learn About the Importance of the Village Movement

When Capitol Hill Village opened in 2007, it was only the second Villages in the country. Now we are the largest of 13 Villages serving the District of Columbia, one of 74 Villages in the DMV, and one of almost 300 Villages across the United States and elsewhere. Learn more about the impact Villages have through the video above!