Not Our Typical Gala…

But it Will be Fun!

Spring flowers are peeking out and COVID vaccinations are picking up—the stage is set for the Capitol Hill Village Auction and Virtual Gathering to celebrate the volunteers and staff members who saw us through the last year. It’s a chance, after a year of masked social distancing, to gather together—virtually—to see and celebrate ourselves for making it through quite a year!

Mark your calendars for April 15-25. The auction runs on those dates, and on April 22 at 7:00 p.m., we get together for the celebratory Virtual Gathering. Tickets are on sale and there are things to buy in the auction. You may be in your own homes when all this occurs, but CHV is planning to make it fun and entertaining—and with a feeling like we are all together.

This is a reimagining of the annual Gala with a different format this year, but the purpose does not change. Fun and dancing were important, but the Gala was also critical for CHV’s fundraising efforts—generating funds that assure continuance of the services and programs that support CHV’s efforts to help seniors age well at home and make it possible for seniors at all income levels to be Village members and benefit from its services.

 Click HERE to purchase tickets.

Thanks to our Gala Sponsors! Click here to see a list.



Capitol Hill VillageCapitol Hill Village is a model for a grassroots response to support our country’s aging population in a dignified and resource-efficient way.  Continually improving, we are expanding and refining our services, including new membership pilots, new service types, increased educational programs and ever-broadening partnerships.  At the same time, we are taking on a larger role across local and national discussions around aging, health and fitness, housing and the financial impacts of the fastest growing segment of our population—those over 60.  And remember, Capitol Hill Village programs serve all members of our community, reducing reliance on public resources.