Village Specific Questions

Question: Do People Live at the Village?

Answer: No, the Village is not a physical place. Village members live in their homes in the community. 

Question: Do We Provide Transportation?

Answer: No. We are able to coordinate access to transportation services and information about transportation services in DC.

Our Village volunteers are able to provide transportation for Members to doctor's appointments, errands, etc.

Question: Is the Village a Homecare Agency?

Answer: No, we can provide referrals to partner agencies and we are able to work closely with the agencies caring for our members to ensure that their care is well coordinated. 

Question: What Does Our Staff Do?

Answer: Capitol Hill Village employs a number of individuals to help support the mission and goals of the Village and our members.

Want to learn more about our staff go to:

Question: What Kind of Support Does the Village Provide in an Emergency?

Answer: The Village is here to support all members in emergency situations thru one-on-one support, education, and resources.

Volunteer Specific Questions

Question: What Do I Have To Do To Be A Volunteer?

Answer: All prospective volunteers should complete a volunteer application (click here).

We require your date of birth and social security number for a background check. We understand if you would rather call the office at 202-543-1778, x111 with this information after sending in the application.

Question: What Do Volunteers Do?

Answer: Our Volunteers do almost anything! We want to make sure your volunteer experience is meaningful and fits your time and skillset. Some example tasks include: assisting with gardening, computer support, running errands, event support, and more!

Question: Do You Take Volunteers?

Answer: Yes! We accept volunteers of all ages. 

Member Specific Questions

Question: Who Can Be Part of the Village?

Answer: Village membership is open to anyone who lives in our geographic boundaries. We encourage individuals who are considered older adults to join but we do not have an age cutoff. 

Capitol Hill Village is committed to supporting all members, we provided a reduced rate members for whom the cost of membership is outside of their budgets. The different types of membership include: regular, social, urgent, and subsidized.

Question: Do I Have to be a Member to Participate in Programs?

Answer: Many of our programs and affinity groups are open to the public. Additionally. our LGBTQ programs specifically are open to anyone. 

Programs or events open to non members are noted as so on our events calendar.

If you do not see the answer to your question on this page of any other page, please contact the office at 202-543-1778 or email