The 2023 Genderson Fund Wine Reception: October 1st, 2023

Pictures From the 2023 Genderson Memorial Fund Wine Reception

Thank you to Lori Genderson and Schneider's of Capitol Hill for your continued support!


Help build a community that supports wellness and
long life for all citizens…

The Jon Genderson Memorial Fund helps ensure that any resident of Capitol Hill can join, participate and benefit from Capitol Hill Village without regard to income. While we do our best to contribute to the well-being of all older adults in the CHV footprint, there is so much more to be gained for us and for them when individuals join as members. We benefit from their experience, interests, passions, and volunteer contributions; they benefit from the connection, engagement, and full range of supports the Village has to offer. It’s a win-win, which is only possible through the Genderson Fund.

What Does the Genderson Fund Support?

Your donations subsidize membership dues for older adults on Capitol Hill who face financial hardship and provide resources if they cannot afford something they need for their health and safety. In this time of COVID-19, this includes food, face masks, hand sanitizer, and other necessities.

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Every dollar makes a difference — please donate what you can.

*Started in 2008, the The Steven C. Rogers Memorial Fund was named after a founding member of CHV who championed access to the Village for all. The Fund was renamed in 2019 for Jon Genderson, another strong CHV supporter. See the June 2020 CHV News for a history of the Fund.