CHV has a list of service providers and professionals who are invested in serving seniors.  These professionals have each been vetted by a team.  Members call the office with a request and receive the names of vendors.  This helps to reduce scamming because individuals know to call the office to get volunteers to look at household issues and/or check the office to see if a “friendly passer by” offering services is a vetted vendor.  After service is complete, we follow up with members to get feedback on the process.

CHV takes special joy in finding servicers for particular issues that vendors may have. For example, individuals wanting to have furniture repaired, collections appraised, needing personal services.  We enjoy the adventure of finding a provider in case we do not have it in our collection of vetted vendors.

Do you have a vendor to recommend?  Please let us know!

Vetted vendors is a membership benefit and regular members can inquire about vendors by calling Capitol Hill Village offices.