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Capitol Hill Village: More Than A Good Time, 2024

Cynthia Whittlesey has lived on the Hill since the late 80s. An officer in the Foreign Service, abroad for long periods, Whittlesey appreciated her wonderful community but scarcely knew her neighbors. Approaching retirement on Capitol Hill, she pondered, “How on earth would her life unfold without the 9 to 5 routine?”

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Broken Ribs, Bloody Faces and a Push to Make D.C. Sidewalks Safer, 2024

A survey asked people in a D.C. neighborhood how many had fallen on sidewalks in the last few years. Their responses, and other data, have people talking.

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CHV Focuses on Pedestrian Safety, 2023

In March 2023, the Capitol Hill Village (CHV) formed a Sidewalk Safety Team (SST) in response to two-thirds of their members expressing concern over sidewalk hazards. The team has met every two weeks since then to address this problem and is working with several Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs), Councilmember Charles Allen’s office and personnel from the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) to find a solution.

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HHS Secretary Celebrates Inflation Reduction Act at Grubbs, 2023

CHV Board Member Bruce Brennan was one of the six attendees who, along with Executive Director Judy Berman, turned out to show their support for access to healthcare as well as their local pharmacy. “I’m here to stand up for the village and let the secretary know about the local efforts that organizations like the village are doing,” Brennan said....

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Leveraging Resources Handbook, Village to Village Network, 2022

The Leveraging Resources Handbook is a resource for Villages and Area Agencies on Aging, with case studies, tips and takeaways for successful collaborations....

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Village People, Positive Aging Sourcebook, 2022

Imagine a place where neighbors help each other. Where friendships are forged. Where young and old work and play and thrive—together. This modern-day hamlet does exist: it’s called a village....


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Capitol Hill Village: One of the Hill's Most Powerful Community Organizations, Capitol Hill Corner, 2021

Capitol Hill Village (CHV) was started in 2007 to provide services that enable seniors to age in place – rides to the doctor, cleaning a garage, IT and computer help, and running errands (see link below).  It is now one of the most – if not the most – powerful community organizations on Capitol Hill....

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CHV Little Free Library Contains ‘A Little Bit of Magic’, Hill Rag, 2021

There’s a small crowd gathered on the sidewalk at the midway point of E Street SE between 13th and 14th streets. “Look!” exclaims a child, pointing to what looks to be a tiny scale model of the building behind it, mounted in front of the full-scale edifice....


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Walk The Vote, Hill Rag, 2020

About thirty locals, masked and socially distanced, gathered at the north end of Eastern Market Monday, Oct. 19 for Walk the Vote, an event to encourage voting, help local residents find ballot drop boxes and to spread information about the election....

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Adult Day Center for Capitol Hill Advances, Capitol Hill Corner, 2020

At a virtual meeting last night, ANC6B’s Planning and Zoning Committee recommended that the full ANC require – on behalf of the community – a $250,000 grant from Felice Development Group to launch an effort by Capitol Hill Village (CHV) to establish an adult day center (ADC) for Ward 6 residents.....

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How Do You Convince Someone To Change? Washington Post, 2020

If six months into the coronavirus pandemic, you are still walking around D.C. without a mask, thinking your exposed nose and mouth won’t draw more than a glance or grimace from those you pass, you might be right. Or you might be a part of graphs and charts that a small, determined group of residents in their 70s and 80s have been compiling for months....

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The Little Free Pantry Comes to Capitol Hill, Hill Rag, 2019

Drive or walk through the intersection on 14 and E Sts., SE. You will soon see a hand-built replica of the building behind it, Capitol Hill’s premiere “Blessings Box.” Also known as a “Little Free Pantry,” it is a small way to help those on Capitol Hill who have food insecurity.....

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