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COG Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program 

The Enhanced Mobility program aims to improve mobility for seniors and individuals with disabilities throughout the region by removing barriers to transportation services and expanding transportation mobility options available. 

Getting You Connected: CHV and Transportation Resources

Since 2017, Capitol Hill Village has been working with other DC Villages on a range of transportation issues to increase seniors’ mobility, improve roadway safety, and build community members’ awareness and knowledge about transportation options and benefits.

Why Does Transportation Matter?

Nationally, access to transportation is a top concern of older adults. CHV seeks to motivate and educate older adults about transportation options that serve their needs, now and in the future. In partnership with other DC Villages, CHV is helping to increase senior mobility and access to transportation information and services.

Transportation Webpage Sections

    Public Transportation


    The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority or WMATA (commonly referred to as Metro, is a tri-jurisdictional government agency that operates transit service in the Washington metropolitan area.

    Reduced Fare Programs

    People with Disabilities under the age of 65.

    People with qualifying disabilities who possess a Reduced Fare SmarTrip® Photo ID Card may ride for half the peak fare on Metrobus, Metrorail, and other participating transit agencies. For more information go to:

    MetroReady Travel Training

    MetroReady travel training for customers with disabilities as well as senior customers, with or without disabilities is offered at no cost to Metro customers. MetroReady is short-term, comprehensive, intensive instruction designed to teach customers how to travel safely and independently on the accessible Metrobus and Metrorail public transportation systems. 

    Learn more by going to:

    Senior Smartrip Card

    Senior SmarTrip Card

    Discounted fares for passengers of the age of 65 and older with Senior SmarTrip available in both plastic and digital versions. Plastic Senior SmarTrip Cards are not available online or in Fare Vending Machines.


    Learn about Metrorail accessibility features by going to:

    Learn about Metrobus accessibility features by going to:


    WMATA Trip Planner Tool

    This online tool helps plan a trip using WMATA transportation options, providing detailed information about the transportation type/route, eta, and cost. Access the trip planner at:

    DC Circulator

    The DC Circulator is a mode of public transportation that travels throughout Washington, DC and into Arlington, Virginia. The bus system services each stop every 10 minutes and has six routes; connecting you to DC’s main attractions and popular neighborhoods.

    DC Circulator Rider Tools

    Useful information to help you navigate the DC Circulator system, this includes the Circulator schedule, service alerts, the Circulator map and information guide. Access these tools at:


    For information about Circulator accessibility features and policies go to:

    Interactive Map

    Use the interactive Circulator map to find the nearest Circulator stop. Go to:



    MetroAccess is a shared-ride, door-to-door, paratransit service for people who cannot independently use the accessible bus and/or rail system due to a disability.

    Checkout the MetroAccess Policies Guide at: Metro Access Policies Guide

    Eligibility Requirements

    Learn about MetroAccess eligibility requirements by going to:

    MetroAccess Trip Booking Portal

    Book your MetroAccess trip by using this online tool:

    How To Guide: Booking MetroAccess Trips

    This step by step guide details how to book a MetroAccess trip using the online portal: How To Book A Metro Access Trip


    TransportDC is a premium same-day, cost-effective alternative transportation service for WMATA MetroAccess customers.

    Riders must be registered with MetroAccess. Please contact WMATA regarding MetroAccess eligibility at 202-962-1100. A Metro Access ID# must be presented when booking a ride with Transport DC.

    TransportDC Customer Guide

    Learn about rider policies, how TransportDC works, rider grievance procedures and more. Access the guide by going to: TransportDC Customer Guide

    Non-Emergency Medical Transit

    MTM, Inc. (Medicaid Funded)

    MTM arranges non-emergency transportation within the Washington, DC metropolitan area. This includes, Washington, DC, the suburbs of Montgomery, and Prince Georges County, Northern Virginia counties of Fairfax and Arlington, and the City of Alexandria.

    Learn more about MTM by going to:


    MTM Rider Responsibilities

    Read about MTM rider responsibilities by going to:

    Schedule A MTM Ride Online

    Schedule your MTM ride online by going to: MTM Link

    Senior MedExpress

    The Senior MedExpress program provides eligible DC residents, age 60+, with a certified medical condition free round-trip transportation to essential medical appointments such as chemotherapy or dialysis, or to health-related public benefits appointments for DDS, Medicaid (DHS ESA sites), or SNAP.

    Learn more by going to:

    Senior MedExpress Application

    View or download the Senior MedExpress program application by going to:

    Senior MedExpress Healthcare Provider Certification Form

    View or download the Senior MedExpress Healthcare Provider Certification Form by going to:



    Uber is a platform where those who drive and deliver can connect with riders, eaters, and restaurants. In cities where Uber is available, you can use the Uber app to request a ride.

    How To Request A Ride Via Uber

    To learn how to use the Uber app go to:

    Uber Safety Standards and Procedures

    Learn about Uber's safety tools and policies by going to:


    Learn about accessibility features and information related to Uber by going to:


    Lyft is a platform that connects drivers with individuals and organizations that need rides.

    How To Request A Ride Via Lyft

    Lyft Safety Standards and Procedures

    Learn about Lyft's safety tools and policies by going to:


    Learn about accessibility features and information related to Lyft by going to:

    Department of Aging and Community Living Transportation Supports


    The ConnectorCard Program is a cost-share program that provides qualified older adults, age 60 and over, with a debit card that can be used for ground transportation services to the destination of their choice. The amount of subsidy provided through the card is based on a sliding fee scale.

    Participants are eligible to receive up to $100 per month. The amount you are asked to contribute is based on a sliding scale, and your contribution may range between $0- $70 per month based on your income. Program contributions will be required at the time of funds reload.

    Customer Contribution Chart

    Private Pay Options

    Private Pay Transportation Options 

    To download and print the Private Pay one pager go to: Private Pay Transportation Options

    Virtual Learning Opportunities

    AARP eLearn

    Free on demand courses provided by AARP. Access them by going to:

    Resized AARP eLearn Workshops Screenshot

    Electric Vehicle Virtual Workshop

    AARP now offers two great FREE instructor-led virtual workshops to help you learn even more about Electric Vehicles!

    Power Up Your Knowledge on Electric Vehicles (Intro) and Take Charge of your Electric Vehicle (Advanced). 

    Register here for either workshop. You must create a free AARP online account to register.

    AARP CarFit Virtual Workshop

    This FREE 90-minute workshop will provide an in-depth look at several key aspects involved in getting a proper fit in your vehicle. Learn how to make adjustments, such as your seat, steering wheel and mirrors that may keep you safer on the road. 

    Register here. You must create a free AARP online account to register.

    Stay Up To Date With Transportation Tuesdays

    This social media series was started in 2022 as a way to keep community members up to date on transportation related concerns/information. Follow along on Instagram by following us at caphillvill or on Facebook at Capitol Hill Village.