Join us! Capitol Hill Village (CHV) is a community group that supports longevity on Capitol Hill. CHV engages with older adults to help them stay socially engaged, continually learning, safe and connected.

We support families with aging members through education, resources, and referrals. This is achieved through the work of a few staff and hundreds of volunteers. Our connection to aging experts and volunteers help to support living independently as we age. We offer a host of activities for members to be an active part of making Capitol Hill the greatest place on earth to live a long life.

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Membership in CHV is a two-way street. 90% of activities and programs depend on members and volunteers to design and coordinate. The point of being a member is staying involved in your community. So, as you contemplate all the aspects of memberships — remember that contributing to the community is one of the benefits.

Hear From Our Members

Membership Categories

Regular Membership

Entitles a household to access volunteer services, care services, vetted vendors, wellness activities, social and educational programs.

Social Membership

Participate only in wellness activities, social and educational programs. Social members do not draw on volunteer services, vetted vendors or Care Services. The entire value of a Social membership is tax deductible.


Urgent Membership

Entitles individuals who have not been members to join and immediately access care services and volunteer support. Members are given an assessment for the level of need and determined, objectively, whether they are an “urgent” member.  At membership renewal each year, members are re-assessed to determine whether they remain urgent members or move to another membership level.


Subsidized Members

Through donations, grants, and other gifts including the Genderson Fund, Capitol Hill Village provide reduced rate membership to individuals for whom the cost of membership is outside of their budgets. Subsidized members are entitled to the same services as regular members.

Membership Type

Info &
Regular Membership$625/individual $925/household$55/individual $80/household
Social Membership$625/individual $925/household$55/individual $80/household
Subsidized Membership$125-$325 depending on income$12-$28
Urgent Membership$900/individual $1350/householdMust be paid in full
Community Referrals/Consulting$75/hour

CHV Supports Residents At All Income Levels With Our Subsidized Membership

The Jon Genderson Memorial Fund

The Jon Genderson Memorial Fund helps ensure that any resident of Capitol Hill can join, participate and benefit from Capitol Hill Village without regard to income. While we do our best to contribute to the well-being of all older adults in the CHV footprint, there is so much more to be gained for us and for them when individuals join as members.

What Does the Genderson Fund Support?

Subsidized Membership dues for older adults on Capitol Hill who face financial hardship and provide resources if they cannot afford something they need for their health and safety.

Annual Income

Annual IncomeAnnual CostMonthly Cost
Individual: Less than $37,000$125.00$12.00
Individual: Less than $48,000$225.00$20.00
Household: less than $43,000$175.00$15.00
Household: less than $55,000$325.00$28.00

Download, Print, and Complete this Application and Send or Email to our Director of Membership and Outreach

Questions? Call our office at 202-543-1778 and speak with our Director of Membership and Outreach.