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Capitol Hill Village Newsletter Archive

Abuse National

National Adults Maltreatment Reporting 2019

Aging in Community

DC Specific

Affordable Housing by Ward DC

Age-Friendly DC 2023 Strategic Plan

2020 DC Census Info

DOH Community Health Needs Assessment 2014

Civic Engagement in

DC Population Info

Emergency Shelter Capacity by Ward

Population 2010-2014

Seniors Vulnerability Index

Aging in Community General

US Census Data

Model City for Aging

Great Aging Statistics

US Census Bureau Statistical — includes technology

An Aging National Population Reports

Applied Studies in Aging

Advantages & Disadvantages to No & Low Dues Villages

Non-Participation Trends in Village Membership

Research on Ways to Age Well

DC Department of Aging and Community Living

Moving or Downsizing Resources for CHV Members

Downsizing Party

Capitol Hill Village – Programs & Materials

General Articles

Free Pantry in Capitol Hill

CHV in the News 2019

Sonoroff Blog

CHV Newsletter Archive

CHV Logic Model April 2018

Conference Presentations

2018 CHV Town Hall

ASA Community Partnerships in Fall Prevention

Aging in Villages 2013

Village Role in Community 2013


CHV Transportation Survey Report 11.01.18

CHV Transportation Survey Report_Appendices A through E rev. 11.01.18

CHV Transportation Survey Report_Appendix F rev. 11.01.18


  • Community Design

CHV Designed for Longevity Presentation

  • Creating Healthy Communities

CHV Healthy Communities Symposium 2016 Final

  • Inclusionary Zoning

Inclusionary Zoning Resources 2016

IZ CBO 2018

IZ Income Schedule

  • Getting Your Papers (& Possessions) in Order

Financial Planning for Later Life 2014 

Living Wills and Advanced Directive Planning 2014

Long Term Care Options and How to Pay for It 2014

Exit Strategies Fall 2015

A planning guide for families

Vital Personal Information Template

Vial of Life Form DC

Moving or Downsizing Resources

Conversation Project – Convo Starter Kit

GYPIO – Important Information Workbook

Living Trusts in Estate Planning

Living Trusts Article

  • Recreation

Playgrounds for Seniors

Recreating Recreation Events DC Presentation

What Do Seniors Need in Parks

Men’s Health

Mens Mental Health 2016

Women’s Health

Medstar field Trip 2016

Village Voices

Wotecki Talking Turkey

Care giving

AARP – Prepare to Care Guide

Annual Report Long Term Care Coalition

Ch 1 Building Meaningful Career Lattices Direct Care Workers in LTC

Buurtzorg – MHK Powerpoint Presentation

Buurtzorg Nursing Model Links to Resources

Caregiving US 2009

Employee as Care Giver Guide

Home-care Coop Toolkit

LTC Roadmap to 2028 DRAFT 2018 CHV Website

Ch 2 Making ‘Bad Jobs’ Better the Case of Front Line Healthcare Workers

Preparing Your Home for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s: A Caregiver’s Guide

State Resources for Senior Citizens and Their Caregivers

Testing U.S. State-Based Training Models to Meet Health

When a Loved One Dies Checklist


  • Data

Alzheimer’s Facts & Figures 2014

Aging in Community with Alzheimer’s Flow Chart

2015 DC Cognitive BRFSS Fact Sheet

2015 BRFSS Infographic on Subjective Cognitive Decline

Dementia 2016 facts & figures

2017 DC Fact Sheet

2017 Facts and Figures Infographic

DC Subjective Cognitive Decline

Projected Incidence of Dementia in Ward 6 2020

  • Policy

2017 DC Public Policy Platform

Dementia Advance NYT 2018

  • Resources

Dementia Handouts & Webinar

Dementia Overview PowerPoint

Dementia Training 2019

Iona Resource Guide Memory

Positive Approach to Dementia Care

New Hopes for Dementia Care – WSJ

Stove Turn-Off Devices

“Dis”abilities and Inclusion

Developmental Disabilities Council

Aging and Disabilities & Inclusion

Health Care Utilization

Emergency Planning

Capacity Building Tool Kit for Emergency Planning to Include Older Adults & Persons with Disabilities

Emergency Shelter Capacity by Ward

Boosting Disaster Resilience Among Older Adults by Rand Corporation

Psycho-social Impacts of Climate Change and Integration into Community Resilience

DC Plan for Sustainability in Climate Change

Climate Ready DC Draft Action List

Village Specific Emergency Planning

CHV Emergency Preparedness

CHV Presentation at Village to Village Conference and Webinar

Fitness & Recreation

YMCA DC Sites for Sr Wellness

Gay Capitol Hill Walking Tour

Hydration & Cognition

Playgrounds for Seniors

Recreating Recreation Events DC Presentation

Senior Design landscape

What Do Seniors Need in Parks


Fraud Presentation 2016

Money Smarts for Older Adults – Financial Scams


Accessory Dwelling Units (AARP Webinar)

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ABCs from AARP)

Assisted Housing Options & Models, Costs

AIA Designs for Senior Living

Capitol Hill Apartments and Condos 2018

CHV News April 17 Survey results

Creative Housing Presentations

Harvard Housing Projections 2016

Reverse Mortgages Presentations 2018

One Level Living Symposium 2017

Senior Housing Case Studies

Senior Housing DC 2017 Memo

SFRRP Fact Sheet 2018

  • Creating Healthy Communities

Capitol Hill Apartments & Condos 2018

Creative Housing Presentations

One Level Living Symposium 2017

SFRRP Fact Sheet 2018

CHV Healthy Communities Symposium 2016

  • Downsizing 2018 Sponsored by Compass

Moving Rights & Responsibilities

Professional Organizer

Reverse Mortgage Info

Weblinks for Moving

  • Inclusionary Zoning / Affordable Housing

Inclusionary Zoning Resources 2016

IZ CBO 2018

IZ Income Schedule

Senior Housing Case Studies

Iona Resource Guide Low Cost Housing Options

Information Technology

CHV Apps for Seniors

DC Public Library Resources

Engaging Seniors in IT

Seniors Learning Technology

Smart Homes Technology Resources

Tech Devices Comparison Final

Tech Use Seniors Pew

Insurance, Health Care Costs, & Systems

Blueprint for Complex Care

EPD waiver FAQ

Making medicine Affordable a National imperative

Medicaid Managed Care

Medicare Spends More on Socially Isolated Older Adults

Connecting Communities& Heath Care Webinar

Health Care Utilization as proxy in disability determination

How Medicaid Affects Long Term care ins

LTSS Risks and Financing Research Brief ASPE

Long Term Care/ Retirement Communities, etc.

7 Ways to Judge a Retirement Community

City Long Term Care Services

Covenant Woods Report

Home and Community Based Service Options for Seniors 2014

Ingleside at Rock Creek

Detailed Legislation Report 2018


Senior’s Guide to Paying for LTC

Retirement Living Source Book Winter 2018-2019


LGBT Health – Health Indicators

LGBT Health – Physician Attitudes

LGBT Health – Targeted Victimization and Suicidality

LGBT Health – Trans Health

Medical, Drugs, & Nutrition

Abuse and Drug Abuse materials DBH 2018

Marijuana for Seniors

USDA Nutrition Elders

USDA Older Adults Fact Sheet

Sleep and Aging: Sleep Guide for Seniors

National Trends & Research

2018-LeadingAge Philly Blue Zone Design and Biophilia

Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration

Model to Integrate Pallative Care into Models for Serious Illness

Re-framing Aging


Personal Emergency Systems – Which is Right for Me?

Fall Prevention

The Most Common In-Home Injuries for Seniors and How to Prevent Them

Bedroom Safety for Older Adults

Preventing Falls at Home

10 Smart Home Features to Help You Age in Place

Home Fire Safety Checklist for Older Adults

New Yorker article on Srs being conned

Ten Safe Gardening Tips for Seniors

From Minor to Major: The Complete Guide to Home Modifications to Prevent Seniors from Falling

CDC Check for Safety: A Home Fall Prevention Checklist for Older Adults

Social Engagement

A Profile of Social Connectedness

Commonwealth Fund Social Isolation


Ability Rides One Page Summary

Iona Fact Sheet Transport Assist

Iona Fact Sheet Transport

Long Term Care Coalition Transportation Presentation

Mobility & More

Tools for a Sustainable Transit Agency

Self Driving Cars

Tools for a Sustainable Transit Agency

Transportation Options for Seniors Who Don’t Drive

Senior Smart Trip “How To”

Village Movement Resources

Care Services Overview 2014

Villages Partner 2013

CHV Transportation Program 2014

Applied Studies in Aging

Advantages & Disadvantages of No & Low Dues Villages

Non-Participation Trends in Village Membership

Research in Ways to Age Well

Village Role in Community 2013

Villages–Success Sustain Scale

Village Concept Presentation

Village Article by Katie McDonough

Volunteering & Civic Engagement

Volunteer Research & Bibliography

Civic Engagement in DC

Volunteering Fact sheet


Health Literacy in Adults National Academies

Model to Integrate Pallative Care into Models for Serious Illness

Sleep Changes Across Age

Healthcare Decisions


American Society on Aging Workforce Webinar 2019

Building Meaningful Career Lattices Direct Care Workers in LTC

Immigration Economic and Fiscal Consequences–National Academies

LTC & Workforce Leading Age 2018

Making ‘Bad Jobs’ Better The Case of Frontline Healthcare Workers


ASA Communicating with Older Adults

DC Health Matters

End of Life Care – A framework for Improving

In-Home Services that can Help Seniors Continue to Live Independently

Legal Assistance Iona-Fact-Sheet_Legal

New Yorker Article on Seniors Being Conned

Selected Policy Websites 2015