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In the February Issue of CHV News

  • How time flies! It’s the 20th Anniversary of the Village movement, and we’re celebrating the positive impact that Villages are having on older adults today nationwide. See page 1.
  • Need Transportation? CHV’s Enhanced Mobility Program grant supports improvements in transportation services and expanded advocacy to increase options for older adults to get around. See page 1.
  • Mark your calendars for April 21 for a virtual celebration and April 21–24 for the on-line auction. You can be part of the festivities by volunteering to help. See page 18.
  • Read how the Furies Collective, named for three feared and vengeful Greek goddesses and
    operating out of a townhouse on 11th St. SE in the 1970s, brought lesbian issues into the gay movement. See page 10.
  • The CHV Antiracist Reading Group opens discussion Feb. 17 on The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story, considered a landmark summary of the Black experience in America. See page 5.

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