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The CHV Auction and Virtual Gathering is coming up in April. Read about plans for “house parties,” and mostly in-person salon dinners, and how you can help. We have a need for an important volunteer to video brief vignettes featuring honored volunteers. See pages 1 and 5.

• The Advocacy Corps made CHV a serious player in getting the DC to address issues important to older adults. Board Member Susan Sedgewick says more members can get involved in helping take on issues such as housing and the home health care workforce shortfall. See page 4.

• If you’re thinking about Spring gardening, CHV can help—with access to a Tool Lending Library and volunteer help at your home through the May 14 Gardenpalooza. See page 6.

• CHV members participating in the Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshop describe the satisfaction they feel providing feedback to incarcerated youth and adults on their poetry and making a difference in their lives. The next Free Minds is on Thursday, March 10. See page 8.

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