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New Grants Support CHV’s Good Work

Capitol Hill Village was told recently that it will receive two new grants for educational and wellness programs. Both grants will enable CHV staff to promote programs and services by paying for staff time, outreach, activities, and educational programs. The first grant is $2,000 from Maximus Foundation and the second is from Impact 1890, A National Lutheran Program, for $7,500.

Capitol Hill Village is also receiving $23,500 from the DC Office on Aging to support its volunteer services. Thanks are also in order to the Capitol Hill Community Foundation, which underwrote part of the costs for Capitol Hill Village’s new website as well as the educational and wellness programs over the course of the spring and summer. And this Fall, CHV is receiving a $2,500 grant to underwrite its volunteer outreach, recruitment, training, and related programs, particularly around the Arthur Capper Senior Apartments response.