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In this issue:

  • Mark your calendar for 10 a.m. Feb. 25. That’s the date the CHV Advocacy Corps will ask for input for a 2021 plan of action. (Page 1)
  • Ideas sought for a re-imagined 2021 CHV Gala. We can’t meet in person, but we can offer an on-line auction, ZOOM Salon events, and perhaps more. Contact the CHV Office if you’d like to help us put this together and especially if you want to offer a vacation home or help us sign up a fascinating soirée guest who you know? (Page 4)
  • Want to have support while you examine your own participation as a White person in racism? CHV is organizing groups that will meet virtually to read, reflect, and journal using the book Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad, as well as participating in a discussion group of about six people. (Page 6)
  • Elena Ferrante, Men, and Aging. Norm Metzger offers a thoughtful review of author Ferrant’s Neopolitan quartet of books and comments on the HBO series based on the same novels. (Page 8)
  • January 11 Village Voices: Trudy Huskamp Peterson. Trump’s Presidential Papers—What Comes Next? By noon on January 20, President Donald Trump’s Presidential papers and records also will have been cleared from the White House. Where will they go and what will become of them? Who will have access to them? In a fraught Presidential transition, these questions have critical importance. (Page 9)

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