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In this issue:

  • The Materials Subcommittee of the CHV Anti-Racism Working Group has compiled reading and viewing suggestions that are enlightening and informing.  Several members list their recommendations.
  • Capitol Hill Village is moving toward a new data management system, Helpful Village, which is designed to be easy to use for staff, volunteers, and members.  Executive Director Judy Berman explains it all her column.
  • Capitol Hill Village has some new staff members, so it’s a good time to sort out who does what. A complete guide to staff and their responsibilities is in the CHV News.
  • How do 700 Santas get along in Faith Brightbill’s Capitol Hill townhouse?  Just fine, thank you; and get in on the secret of where they hide in the off-season.
  • Dr. Pedro Kremer provided clear and useful advice to Capitol Hill Village as it developed safety guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Argentine-born doctor provides insights on the vaccine and other challenges.

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