On May 28th, CHV partnered with Capitol Hill Towers to put on one of the most fun events we’ve had in a while – a Hand Dance Mixer. Hand Dancing, also referred to as D.C. Swing, is a form of swing dance that was created by D.C. dancers in the 1950s. The dance is recognizable by its continuous hand connection as well as smooth, fluid footwork. In 1999 it became formally recognized as the city’s official dance.

Capitol Hill Village did some of the organizing and provided refreshments, and Capitol Hill Towers residents and CHV members showed up in full force ready to bop. (While we only expected 10-15 people, a whopping 54 attended!)

Several individuals from Capitol Hill Towers served as our resident experts in Hand Dancing, generously taking time to teach those newer to the dance what to do. Ms. Stanice Anderson, CHV member and Capitol Hill Towers resident, emceed the event. She took music requests, spoke about the history of Hand Dancing, and helped encourage the more hesitant participants to get on their feet or dance in their seats. Missed out on the first Hand Dance Mixer? Don’t fret! We’ll be working with Capitol Hill Towers to plan more.