Who is saying this, besides CHV members? This week, the esteemed Catalogue of Philanthropy agreed, and included CHV in its 2019–2020 edition.

Available in print and online, the new Catalogue lists 112 small, community-based nonprofits in the greater Washington region that are the best of their kind. Those selected emerge from a rigorous vetting process that attests that the charitable organization is financially sound, responsive to community need, and engaged in great work that is clearly making a difference.

The Catalogue is unique, encompassing all fields, eight wards, and eight counties. It’s the only locally focused and vetted guide that helps donors decide which small charities in the region are the best and most deserving. The Catalogue raises more than $4 million annually for the non-profits it highlights, while charging them nothing: there are no membership or
administrative fees.

Executive Director Molly Singer noted, “CHV’s inclusion promises to substantially increase our visibility as well as our donations.” She added that the Catalogue provides an additional service for CHV members: Trusted guidance on additional non-profits in the region that warrant support and applause.