Click here to download a PDF of the July-August 2019 Village News.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in this issue:

March with the Village contingent in the Barrack’s Row Fourth of July Parade! (Or cheer us on from the sidelines.) Members, volunteers, friends and family will march up 8th Street from I street to Pennsylvania Ave. Patriotic attire or decorations are encouraged (page 1).

If you missed the Rogers Fund Celebration, see photos on page 6 and read a bit bout the Fund in the President’s Column on page 4. (The Rogers Fund will be renamed next year—see page 4 to learn more.)

Ready to do something about your hearing loss? If you missed the recent Wellness Café on hearing loss, or would like a reminder of what was discussed, be sure to read page 8. Ed. Note: From personal experience, the $130 Williams pocket talker (on Amazon) can make conversations with friends and loved ones a pleasure again.