CHV Board has been working with its committees and members to draft a new strategic plan.  The process has been long and comprehensive, having garnered feedback at the townhall meeting last spring, from over 20 one-on-one interviews, and from a series of small group meetings.  Thanks to everyone who has participated.  Thanks also to board members Candace Robinson and Rick Rutherford, both organizational management experts, for guiding us through the process, ensuring expedience, thoroughness, and the ability to hear the many voices of CHV.

This process is always tricky because it inspires brainstorming and perfect world scenarios, which we strive for.  But that thinking is also balanced by budgetary realities and facing some unknowns such as the health and wellbeing of members.  Nevertheless, we are lucky to have had strong previous strategic plans and our findings are largely a continuation of those.  The board is still working some language and sharing their opinions about the elements, but we also want to hear from you.

Now it is Your Turn – Tell Us What you Think!

Below are the DRAFT Mission, Vision, and Strategic Pillars of our work to be a part of our planning and activities for the next three to five years  – let me know  your thoughts.  Please email me at to share your feedback or speak with any board member or with Molly, the executive Director.

Mission:  To sustain and enrich the lives of members and the community of Capitol Hill residents for the long term


Option I: We envision a neighborhood-based organization that reaches out and convenes neighbors to build a vibrant, inclusive and age friendly community that empowers everyone to thrive and live meaningful, purposeful lives.

Option II: Make Capitol Hill the greatest place on earth to live a long life with services, recreation, and community members that provide value, fun and engagement.

Option III: TBD – some combination or rewrite of the first two options


Strategic Pillars





  •   Quality of Life
  •   Social engagement
  •  Independence
  •  Inclusivity / Diversity
  •  Active, Vibrant/Fun
  • Convening
  •  Expertise/Knowledge
  •  Generosity/neighbor to neighbor
  • Integrity
  • Privacy
  • Reliable
  • Consistent
  •  Community building     Awareness
  •  Leadership
  • Partnerships
  • Dignity
  • Communication /  engagement
  • Sustainability
  • Financial Stability
  • Organizational efficiency
  • Leadership Succession Plan
  •  Research


These strategic pillars provide the framework and values for the realization of our mission and vision.


Capitol Hill Village convenes a supportive, accepting community that embraces diversity and provides mutual aid to enrich and sustain the lives of both members and volunteers.


Capitol Hill Village connects members to high-quality, high-value, and effective services that meet their needs with trained volunteers, professional staff, vetted vendors, and public and private partnerships.


Capitol Hill Village advocates for its members to government, private sector, community and social service entities to ensure access and availability of high quality healthcare, wellness and prevention activities, legal advice, reliable vendor services, and development of a safe, people-friendly community.


Capitol Hill Village establishes and governs sustainable policies, strategic direction and fiscal diligence to ensure a firm financial, leadership succession and sustainable organizational foundation for the delivery of its mission.

The CHV board is thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Cabot Nash to the board.  Elizabeth has been an active in-office volunteer. She I also working as a volunteer, helping to advance the organizations advocacy initiatives on issues such as long-term care, housing, and care giver workforce needs in the District of Columbia.

Send your comments and ideas to Phil Guire, Board President at: