Click here to download the September Village News.
In this issue, we are looking out for your physical and mental well-being:

  • It’s time to GET YOUR MOVE ON! Start your Wellness Journey on the CHRS Art Walk, pages 6-7, (featuring many CHV members), take advantage of activities offered through CHV affinity groups, start your own activity, or join friends to get moving. We have ideas and information about signing up for the Walker Tracker app. See Pages 1–2 and 26.
  • The CHV Theater Group is introducing a new format focusing on discussions around selected plays. The plays have been selected for the upcoming year. See the Sept. 26 entry on page 21.
  • The Second Wind chorus has a good time singing, and research indicates that choral singing and participation in arts programs generally bring other benefits leading to better health outcomes. See Pages 12–13.
  • Two old favorites—Potluck dinners (page 14) and Wellness Cafés (page 16)—are back on the calendar!