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Taking Action Against Racism

By Phil Guire and Judy Berman 

Phil and I decided to share our columns in this newsletter because this topic is so very important. With the country reeling over the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd (pictured above), and so many others, a tide has turned. As many White individuals confront their own biases and assess the impact that living in a racist society has had on them, we believe it is equally important that businesses and organizations do the same. CHV’s strategic plan has included expanding diversity as a pillar of its strategy for several years, yet not enough has changed. 

This moment in history is crying out for those of us with White privilege to stop falling back on what’s easy not to see, and to take action against the injustices of historical, systemic, and current racial inequality. It starts with understanding, but it doesn’t stop there. We have to continually remind ourselves and each other when White privilege is at work, when injustice is at work, and commit to standing up against it—even if, or perhaps especially if—it makes us uncomfortable. Many of us moved to Capitol Hill precisely because of its diversity, because LBJ had issued a call for a “Great Society” and we wanted to be part of it. But that vision is still to be realized. (Read more on pages 1-3.)

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