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DC Comprehensive Plan Update

CHV Needs Your Participation to tell DC Office of Planning (OP) seniors’ needs and thoughts about land use and development on Capitol Hill and across Ward 6. 

Your Role: Attend the Ward 6 Office of Planning meeting on Wednesday, November 13 at St. Matthews Lutheran Church 222 M St SW. The meeting starts at 6 PM with attendees viewing maps, summaries, of OP’s current draft. Participate in the Question and Answer sessions to highlight to the city and developers that older adults are an important demographic and market. Call the CHV office to register to attend the meeting and get a CHV Aging is the Future button! (202) 543 1778  or

Details and Background:  Once again, CHV’s Advocacy Corps is mobilizing to formally respond to the DC’s Office of Planning next phase of its Comprehensive Plan update, the Public Comment period. This is an excellent opportunity for your engagement. The Comp Plan, when voted into law by the city council, will guide development and land use decisions in the city. CHV’s Advocacy Committee carefully reviewed the 2010 plan, mapped changes across the city, reviewed current best practices and submitted 59 recommendations in the summer of 2017.

The team of Marian Connolly, Vira Sisolak, Scott Price and Advocacy Committee chair Susan Sedgewick, at the invitation of Office of Planning, met with their representatives on Thursday, October 24. They learned that 24 of CHV’s 59 recommendations submitted in 2017, were accepted for the current draft. More importantly, they learned about the process for the public comment period which is underway until December. This is the time where communities can mobilize to make their interests known to local officials through comments. Marian Connolly and Vira Sisolak are spearheading the development of CHV’s submission to The Office of planning, due in December. The team will be working with ANCs 6A, 6B and 6C to encourage resolutions that will carry “Great Weight” with the city’s planning process.

Call the CHV office to register to attend the meeting and get a CHV Aging is the Future button! (202) 543 1778  or

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