With any of the suggestions below, members may call the Village if you need support accessing any online or “app” type resources. We have staff and volunteers who can help get you connected, even if we can’t come to your home.

Visiting Physicians

Below is a resource for an out-of-pocket, non-primary physician. Many doctor offices are offering video or tele-health consultations in lieu of in-person visits. Contact your doctor directly to see if that’s an option for you.

Doctors to You

This is a good emergency service to use if you aren’t able to get out of the house and your PCP is not able to see you right away.

Doctors to You is a concierge house calls program that is tailored to all people (sunrise to sunset) in the DMV area. To utilize this program, call Doctors To You and talk about your health concerns with a Doctor, let them know where you are and they will come to you ASAP. You do not need to pre-enroll.

They do not accept insurance, however, you can submit to insurance on your own after the fact. Services can be paid for by any major credit card.

Dr. Ernest Brown

Phone: 202-543-3300

Medstar Waives E-Visit Fee

To manage the threat of COVID-19 and as a service to our community, Medstar is temporarily waiving the fee for their MedStar eVisit service. Please note, if you are a first-time MedStar eVisit user you will be asked to enter your insurance information when you register. However, your insurance will not be charged and you will not incur a self-pay charge.