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Since 2017, Capitol Hill Village has been working with other DC Villages on a range of transportation issues to increase seniors’ mobility, improve roadway safety, and build community members’ awareness and knowledge about transportation options and benefits.

Why Does Transportation Matter?

Nationally, access to transportation is a top concern of older adults. CHV seeks to motivate and educate older adults about transportation options that serve their needs, now and in the future. In partnership with other DC Villages, CHV is helping to increase senior mobility and access to transportation information and services.

Peer Partner Connections

Peer Partner Connections is a grant funded program that aims to increase older adults’ knowledge about transportation options and improve their overall health. The Peer Partner Connections Program is a free program offered to any older adult living in Washington D.C. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Peer Partner matches are operating virtually until further notice. This program is funded by the Federal Transit Administration. To learn more about Peer Partner Connections, reach out to our Care Services and Programs Specialist, Meghan Wrinkle, at or 202-543-1778.