CHV’s Advocacy Corps works to create a stronger society for seniors living independently and in community.  Corps members research issues, provide testimony to City leaders, and foster partnerships.

Recent issues have included:


  • Provide input to Amendment to the DC Comprehensive Plan, and Reservation 13 and RFK Stadium redevelopment, which are public properties slated for redevelopment.
  • Research personal care provider and workforce issues. What are DC’s rules for training health care workers and how can we ensure a strong and skilled workforce that earns what it deserves?
  • A Greater Capitol Hill for Long Life: Symposia to implement models of design, health practices, development and community supports on Capitol Hill.
  • Senior Co-housing on Capitol Hill. CHV was key to the effort to turn a city-owned abandoned building into senior co-housing, including affordable units.
  • Catalyze action by local government, health service agencies, developers and others to speed development, new health initiatives such as the PACE program.