Click here to download a PDF of the June Village News.

Here are just some of the stories in this issue:

  • Measurement and assessment are on the front burner: Executive Director Judy Berman looks at the need for determining the value of Villages as a first step in demonstrating that value. A number of research initiatives are underway including a CHV Member survey that opened June 1. See page 1.
  • If you wondered how Capitol Hill Village uses social media to reach a wider audience, Sophia Ross explains the platforms and how you can use them as they aim to make you a social media expert. See page 8.
  • Transportation is a critical need for many CHV members, and we are embarking on an education and awareness campaign to get people up to speed on what’s available and how to access it. See pages 10 – 11.
  • CHV members are seen and being seen: attending Gala Salon Events for discussions with interesting guests (see pages 1 and 12); exhibiting in the juried art exhibition at the Hill Center (see page 15); providing their insights on participation in Pride Month (see pages 14–15).