The Capitol Hill Village Advocacy Team is comprised of two components: the Advocacy Steering Committee and the Advocacy Corps.


The Advocacy Steering Committee is one of several Committees established by the CHV Board. It is comprised of Board members, other CHV members, and volunteers. It meets as a full committee bi-monthly, and in smaller groups as needed.  While it has a defined set of strategic goals and annual priorities, this team is agile, flexible, and collaborative to respond to changing circumstances.  


The Advocacy Corps is an essential part of Capitol Hill Village. Corps members research issues, lead advocacy campaigns, meet with stakeholders, provide testimony to city leaders, and foster partnerships. As an Advocacy Corps member, you have a lot of options vis-à-vis your level of involvement. You may choose to be part of the group that is mobilized “to show the flag” at important meetings; you may serve as a subject-matter-expert; or you may volunteer to lead an advocacy campaign for an issue that is important to you.


If you’d like to join the Advocacy Steering Committee or the Advocacy Corps, please contact Susan Sedgewick at