Capitol Hill Village is seeking a Digital Media and Grants Program Strategist. We want someone to help expand our online presence, create video and other digital communications to use for training, marketing and sharing our stories with the community. We’re also looking for this person to take our LGBTQ programming and make it even stronger. Are you the person we’re looking for? Applications are due by September 15, 2020.

Historically, CHV has provided its membership and the larger community with strong in‐person engagement and training opportunities. In the midst of the COVID‐19 Pandemic, we are looking to strengthen our online presence, and optimize a user‐friendly interface that provides our members with access to our programs and services on a virtual platform. As we develop our virtual programs, the Digital Media and Grant Program Specialist will be instrumental in re‐envisioning and implementing how we interact with our community. This position will also manage a grant focused on LGBTQ+ seniors. This position reports to the Director of Membership and Outreach.

See attached position description.