With any of the suggestions below, members may call the Village if you need support accessing any online or “app” type resources. We have staff and volunteers who can help get you connected, even if we can’t come to your home.

As of March 13, 2020, the Village officially encourages members to remain at home as much as possible for public health reasons. This is following City-wide and National guidance related to citizens who are 60+. However, if you must go somewhere for an essential, non-medical need, please see the resources below.

Getting from point A to point B is an important part of daily life. If you are used to using the bus, a carpool or the Metro system, you may want to consider a private ride instead. Below are private pay and low-cost options for getting around the City.

Non-emergency medical transportation options can be seen here.

Metro Rail and Bus: As of March 26th, Metro is operating on a very limited schedule with limited station openings. Click here to see a map. Click here to see Metro’s letter to customers about their increased cleaning and disinfecting protocols implemented during the coronavirus season.

Taxi: you can order a taxi 24/7 online or by calling (202) 398-0500. Wheelchair accessible options available.

Low/Moderate Income Transportation Options: If you are a MetroAccess customer and are choosing to avoid public transportation, you may also use Transport DC, a $5 private taxi service for MetroAccess customers. See the Village’s Guide on how to call for a Transport DC Taxi, or the two page guide to TransportDC specifically.

Rideshare services provides low-cost, private car rides curb to curb anywhere in the region. Requires a Smartphone “App” for use. No money is exchanged between rider and driver; all payment is handled on the app. Wheelchair accessible options available. For Uber or Lyft, you need a smart phone to download and use the app. Go Go Grandparent can be used with any phone.

Go Go Grandparent: (855) 464 – 6872 – Like Lyft, but without a smartphone! Registration required. No money is exchanged between rider and driver; all payment is handled through your pre-registered account. This is a personalized service that charges a nominal fee to allow the ease of a mobile App but without the hassle of a smartphone.

Lyft Rideshare App: See what Lyft is doing in response to the Coronavirus, including supplying all drivers and cars with hand sanitizer, here.

Uber Rideshare App: See what Uber is doing in response to the Coronavirus, including extra guidance for drivers, here.