As a result of COVID-19, retail and restaurant sales have dropped, employees have been laid off from work, and others have been impacted by a significant drop in the stock market. Luckily, there are ongoing resources that may be helpful for those who have had a financial impact due to COVID-19, or other unforeseen circumstances. Some resources are ongoing, while others are a direct results of emergency response due to COVID-19.

In addition to the resources below, keep the Village in mind as a resource. The Village will not turn away a potential members due to inability to pay membership fee, and offers a sliding scale membership designed to fit members financial needs. The Genderson Fund pays dues for low income members and provides resources if members cannot afford something they need for their health and safety. Members also have access to volunteer services and may opt to have a volunteer drive them to an appointment, help with gardening, or help with a handyman task rather than hiring someone privately. Lastly, for assistance applying to benefits below, please contact the Village and ask to speak with Care Services.

The list below is a short sampling of resources available. Please reach out to CHV Care Services for additional information on subsidized home care, subsidized home modifications, subsidized durable medical equipment, insurance payment support, and population specific resources (ie. holocaust survivors, veterans, etc).

Beware of Scammers

Announcement from the Office of the Attorney General:

DC Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking, Types of Coronavirus Scams:

DC Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking, Tips to Avoid Scams:

New Benefits in Response to COVID-19

  • Economic Impact Payment otherwise known as the new stimulus plan. The IRS & Treasury Department announced April 1st that Social Security beneficiaries who are not typically required to file tax returns will not need to file to receive an economic impact payment. It’s automatic. This came after a lot of advocacy and concern from national groups who worried that payments would be delayed to those most vulnerable who weren’t required to file in years past. Get the full details at:
  •  “COVID-19 RESPONSE EMERGENCY AMENDMENT ACT OF 2020”, approved by The Council of the District of Columba on March 17th, 2020 offers various supports to DC benefits. Among many other items, the COVID-19 Response Emergency Amendment Act of 2020:
    • Prohibits utility companies from shutting off service.
    • Prohibits eviction of residential and non-residential tenants.
    • Prohibits housing providers from charging a late fee during emergency.
  • The Capital Area Food Bank has shelf-ready food for free pickup at 900 North Capitol (front of St. Aloysius Church) starting March 18, Monday-Thursday from 1:30-4:00 pm. Call (202) 842-1112 for more information.
  • HealthWell Foundation is offering ancillary costs grants to cover up to $250 for medical or non-medical needs during COVID-19 crisis. To qualify, you must make no more that 500% of the FPL ($5,315 / month for a single person, $7,185 for two person household) and be in a high risk category (i.e. over 60, or have another underlying health condition).
  • Verizon Wireless to freeze late fees and stop disconnections for 60 days beginning 3/13/2020
  • PEPCO is waiving late fees and stopping shut-offs through 5/1/2020

Ongoing Financial Support Programs

  • Food Stamps (SNAP benefits), Cash Assistance (TANF for families with children or interim disability assistance for the disabled), and Medicaid (for the elderly or disabled)
    • One application is needed to apply for one or more of these resources. Get the application at The application can be tricky to navigate; if members have questions or concerns, we recommend interested members to contact the office for assistance from a staff social worker.
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
    • Assists income-eligible District households with heating and cooling energy costs. Eligible households may receive energy bill assistance between $250 and $1,800 as a one-time regular energy assistance benefit.
  • The Utility Discount Programs (UDP)
    • Assists low-income District residents reduce their utility costs. To qualify, your utility bills need to be in your name and you must meet income guidelines (below) established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Lifeline (Telephone and Internet Bill) Income eligible seniors may qualify for a discount on internet and phone service through DC lifeline (contracted through Verizon in DC). More information here:
  • Clean Rivers Impervious Area Charge Relief (CRIAC Relief – Water)