Hattie Holmes Senior Wellness Center (324 Kennedy Street, NW)

ParkingFree parking in the lot behind the theatre; street parking also available
AccessibilityIf someone is frail, you can ask the security guard at the entrance to wait inside.  Chairs are provided
TimeTotal time range from 45 minutes to 1:30
Info on 2nd doseProvided a paper with three websites for making 2nd appointment
Other commentsThose that are able must wait outside and stand in a socially distant line.  Some reported that this location was hard to find on Google Maps when searching for the name rather than the address. Beautiful space with good social distancing markers and opportunity for frailer residents to sit down. 

Kenilworth Recreation Center

ParkingThe center itself is in a quiet residential neighborhood with plentiful street parking
AccessibilityNo information yet
TimeI was given paperwork to fill out immediately on arrival, and then asked to wait in socially-distanced seating.  I waited very briefly, my number was called just a few minutes after my appointment time.
Info on 2nd doseI got the shot, was given an appointment time for my second shot, and asked to wait for 20 minutes in more socially-distanced seating to ensure I had no adverse reaction to the vaccine. 
Other commentsI arrived at the Kenilworth Recreation Center after a little difficulty finding the location (fortunately I had allowed sufficient time for a few wrong turns!).  The vaccination clinic, operated by Giant pharmacy, was run very smoothly.   Both the receptionist and my health provider were very pleasant and efficient.  Overall, it was a super positive experience and I feel so lucky to have gotten the shot.

Site:  Model Cities Senior Wellness Center, 1901 Evarts St NE,  WDC 20018

ParkingPlenty of free parking spaces adjacent to building entrance 
AccessibilityNumerous chairs available and appropriately spaced throughout the process 
TimeFrom admittance to departure:  30 minutes 
Info on 2nd doseI had confirmed appointment for 2nd dose before leaving waiting area.  Website for that site and 2 others was provided on handout along with card documenting vaccine type and due date for Dose 2.
Other commentsCenter was well-maintained; staff were friendly, efficient and solicitous. I have signed up to return for Dose 2. 

Safeway (3830 Georgia Avenue, NW)

ParkingFree and plentiful garage parking within the building
AccessibilityLarge elevator and accommodating staff that will provide comfortable chairs to those need one.  Bathroom is available (although no soap)
TimeTotal time was 30 minutes 
Info on 2nd doseProvided a paper with three websites for making 2nd appointment
Other commentsFriendly and professional staff. Pharmacy is located in the back left area.

Safeway at 1100 4th Street SW

ParkingGarage parking
AccessibilityI saw one chair near the table where people see instructions on what to do (complete pre-vaccine questionnaire, take to window, wait to be called).  
TimeLess than 20 minutes.  Once I was called in, it took less than five minutes.
Info on 2nd doseI received a card to indicate the date and type of vaccine received and the date for the next dose, along with a piece of paper with three locations where I could schedule the next shot online.
Other commentsOnly one person was administering the vaccine vs others where I hear there are at least three.  This is probably because the room where they give the shot is small. 

Turkey Thicket (1100 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC 20017)

ParkingSmall parking lot and there was plenty of free parking and wifi available for anyone who is waiting
AccessibilityFully accessible. There are seats for anyone who is waiting and they nicely allowed spouses to go within 5 minutes of each other although the appointment was an hour apart
TimeOn Wednesday took about 45 minutes, Tuesday took 2 hours
Info on 2nd doseProvided on card given to member with links to website info on vaccine as well. Appointment for second dose made at site and put on card for members.
Other commentsGood reports from members of Georgetown Village

Washington Senior Wellness Center (3001 Alabama Avenue SW)

ParkingFree Parking Lot
AccessibilityIf you are let out at the door, member with cane was let right in thanks to volunteer approaching staff at door. There were seats to sit in while waiting for those who needed
TimeWednesday at 10 am and 10:45-Took about 45 minutes total
Info on 2nd doseGiven information on dose, second appointment was not scheduled
Other commentsVery well organized, staff was very kind 

Safeway Pharmacy, 14th St and D St. SE

ParkingFree parking in the lot under the store; entrance to the parking garage is on 14th St; street parking also available
AccessibilityNo info about seats at the pharmacy. There are places to sit and wait outside on 14th St.
TimeThere was only one person giving vaccines. Wait time was estimated by the pharmacist at the time and it was accurate – 20 minutes.  Names were called so people did not have to wait in a line.
Info on 2nd doseProvided a paper with three websites for making 2nd appointment at one of three senior centers in NW, SE and NE (does not include the site at 5th and K, NE). 
Other commentsWhen asked, they served a couple together even though their appointments were at different times.  There is no specific “observation area” – people are asked to remain in the store for 15 minutes.