What Is a Village?

Villages are a grassroots response to building community capacity to support older adults to live independently.  They are Membership-driven, nonprofit organizations run by volunteers and paid staff. Villages coordinate access to affordable services; provide volunteer services including transportation, health and wellness programs, home repairs, social and educational activities. Villages offer access to vetted & discounted service providers. Villages support members to age safely and successfully in their own homes.  Villages positively impact isolation, interdependence, health and purpose of individual members to reduce overall cost of aging.


To sustain and enrich the lives of seniors and the community of Capitol Hill residents for the long term.

This translates to building a community that supports seniors aging on their own terms. This includes ensuring accessible and safe physical spaces; supporting seniors with services that enhance their quality of life and ensure wellness; and fostering a community that is learning about longevity and its impact on individuals, families, and communities. We also ensure that seniors are socially and civically engaged through activities.



  1. Ensure that seniors are socially engaged with persons outside their home.
  2. Create and implement a range of learning opportunities for seniors about longevity, wellness, current affairs, and technology.
  3. Provide volunteer services to seniors that help them age on their own terms and demonstrate they are valued in the community.
  4. Provide care services to seniors to support them and their families to stay well and live a quality life.
  5. Engage seniors to be civic members through volunteerism, activism, and/or serving on advisory committees.


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