Preparing for and Responding to an Emergency: Personally, Organizationally and Community-Wide

Capitol Hill Village members, volunteers, staff and kind contractors have undertake the process to create an emergency preparedness and response plan.  Since Capitol Hill is in an urban area of political and military importance coupled with any range of natural disasters that can occur, CHV believes that individuals, organizations and communities must be prepared and have a response plan in the case of any time of emergency situation where transportation, utilities, and personal wellbeing may be impeded.  This section discussed national research on emergency preparedness for seniors as well as provides examples of CHV’s own work.  Also included, are presentations that CHV staff and consultants have provided to other villages and community partners.

CHV has benefitted greatly from the pro-bono work of HealthBest Services, Inc.  Particularly the dedication, strategic leadership and tactics learned from Peggy Keller who has over 20  years experience as a senior level manager in the public  health sector overseeing  health, medical, emergency  preparedness in DC. Keller  directed medical counter-measures (medicine to people., Medical Reserve Corps, community resilience, vulnerable populations program (helping communities get through, bounce back), health, medical planning for special events (Presidential Inauguration, Nuclear  Summit).Keller oversaw environmental public  health programs programs, i.e. food safety and security , vector control, pharmacy control,  animal disease prevention. Served as State Vet  and Director, Environmental Public Health. Currently president of HBS, Inc providing.  preparedness, response, recovery, resilience planning for communities.