Schedule and Speakers

Below is the schedule, topics/activities, and speakers/facilitators from the 2020 Symposium.

2020 Symposium Schedule

Friday, September 25th

1:05 to 1:30 PM | Get Moving – Guided Exercise

Angel Freeman is a certified High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) trainer. She always strives for a full and all-inclusive one-stop-shop fitness program for all levels no matter one’s age or ability.

1:45 – 2:45 PM | Panel Discussion: Queerness Through Time

This panel with discuss the differences of LGBTQ folks from differing generations, what is missing from inter-generational work, and resources for the community, as well as their personal stories.


Wes Morrison, Community Member and Volunteer
Gail Kohn, Age Friendly DC
Kirstan Fuller, Seabury

3:45 – 4:45 PM  | Breakout Groups

Group 1 – Ageless Ageism. This dialogue will discuss the impact of ageism within society with a closer examination to the LGBTQ community.

Facilitator: Samantha Schiffman, LICSW, CDP, Care Services Manager at Capitol Hill Village

Group 2 – Generational Wealth at any Age. We will discuss the importance of getting your finances in order, and some tips to help you get there no matter what stage you are at.

Facilitator: K. Kenneth Davies, The Trans Capitalist

Group 3 – Managing Grief. This dialogue will discuss how we can manage grief particular examining the experience of LGBTQ people.

Facilitator: Roberta Sonsaray White, Vitas

4:45 PM – 5:15 PM | Closing Remarks

Aleshia Faust & Katie Garber, Capitol Hill Village

Saturday, September 26th

10:10 AM to 10:30 AM | Get Centered – Guided Meditation

Join us for a time to center yourself as we start a day of brave and engaging dialogue.

Facilitator: Patrick Hamilton

10:30 AM – 12 Noon | Panel Discussion: A Talk on Intersectionality.

Learn what intersectionality means and how we can apply it in our workplace and everyday life. Panelists will examine movements, particularly the Black Lives Matter Movement and the different ways that this movement impacts the LGBTQ community and other de-centered communities across generations.


Heather Stowe, Department of Aging & Community Living
Pazit Avi, Village Coordinator, Montgomery County Area Agency on Aging
Vanessa Gonzalez, The LGBTQ Center NYC

12:40 PM – 1:45 PM | Breakout Groups

Group 1 – Disability Justice. Pavithra’s current interests involve the parallel dialectics between the West/East, whiteness/Otherness, masculine/feminine, and ‘normal’ or ‘abled’/‘queer’ or ‘disabled’ bodies, specifically applied to the erasure of queer and disabled folks within Hindu Indian-American contexts

Facilitator: Pavithra Suresh, George Mason University

Group 2 – Connecting Across Generations. What grows from connecting across generations in a LGBTQ+ community? Where do we turn to connect to our community’s past, present, and future? What are the stories our bodies hold, and how does that shape the way we move through the world?

Facilitator: Matthew Cumbie, Community Member, Collaborative Dancer and Educator

Group 3 – Allyship. What does it mean to be an ally in general and specifically to the LGBTQ community. This dialogue will provide some tips on how to be an ally and the importance of allyship.

Facilitator: Dakia Davis, Healing Journey Therapy & Consulting