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Emergency Preparedness: Focusing On You

Thursday, May 24 at 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Northeast Neighborhood Library, 330 Seventh St. NE.

Capitol Hill Village wants you to be ready in the event of an emergency situation, and the next step is “Make A Plan" training, which focuses on assuring that your individual needs are met and that you can keep safe and secure.

Q: What does it mean to make a plan and why do you need a plan? We are glad you asked.

A: The effective way to assure your safety is to have a plan. It is easy to panic during an emergency, so being mentally and physically prepared with a plan will reduce the feeling of unease and enable you to stay cool, collected, and, most importantly, safe.

Previously, training was provided on building a disaster supply kit with emergency essentials, which is part of a personal plan. This month’s training on making a plan will be the roadmap to keep you safe. The plan will include important contact information for family, friends and medical needs such as dialysis centers, or oxygen suppliers. For example, how do you or someone else let your family know that you are okay?

In the event of an emergency, you can take the plan with you so that others are aware of your needs and construct your plans and supplies specific to your daily living needs and responsibilities.

Some considerations to include in your plan:
• Requirements for housing
• Mobility, transportation needs
• Dietary needs
• Medical needs, including prescriptions and equipment
• Access and functional needs
• Cultural and religious considerations
• Communications needs
• Pets and service animals
• Electricity and battery needs.

Building a proactive network of people to assist you and for you to be of assistance to others is vital. Communication is a vital part of being prepared, no matter what the emergency may be.

To register for the May 24 program, contact the Capitol Hill Village at 202-543-1778 or

Open to the public
Reservations required, 4 places taken, 36 available.

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