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Evening Literary Club

Tuesday, April 17 at 6 pm to 7:30 pm (signup deadline was 3 pm, Apr 16)
home of Tom and Fran Zaniello, 1610 D St. SE, 8 steps

In April, the Evening and Afternoon Literary Clubs will read Hugh Wilford’s America’s Great Game: The CIA’s Secret Arabists and the Shaping of the Modern Middle East (2013, 300 pp plus notes). Readers interested in the Middle East will appreciate Wilford’s book which takes up “one of the most vital and least explored" chapters of US/Mid-East history. Focusing on the crucial years at the end of World War II when the CIA was a new agency, Wilford writes about three agents who played a key role in US Mid-East policy. And these were not just any agents: two were cousins and grandsons of Theodore Roosevelt, Archie and Kermit “Kim" Roosevelt. Wilford’s narrative traces the recklessness of these three as they courted Arab leaders and plotted against Israel, and then changed their stripes and plotted against the Arab leaders they had wooed. It’s a fascinating story—one most of us don’t know—which has great relevance to the current situation in the Middle East.

This April book is the last in the Literary Clubs’ reading season. At the meeting of both clubs on Tuesday, May 15th at 6 pm, participants will choose the books for next season. Readers should begin now to think about what they would like the group to read next year.

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