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History & Biography Book Group

Wednesday, May 02 at 5:30 - 7:30 pm for 2 hours(signup deadline was 3 pm, Apr 30)
Private Home / 906 South Carolina Ave, SE (stairs to front door but chair lift to side door on request)

: Join others interested in history on May 2 to discuss this story of the women of Washington who, with their husbands, brothers, and fathers marching off to war, either on the battlefield or in the halls of Congress, joined the cause as well. Women came to the Capital City to enlist as nurses, supply organizers, relief workers, and journalists. Many risked their lives making munitions in a highly flammable arsenal, toiled at the Treasury Department printing greenbacks to finance the war, and plied their needlework skills at The Navy Yard—once the sole province of men—to sew canvas gunpowder bags for the troops. Roberts concludes that the war not only changed Washington, it also forever changed the place of women. Sifting through newspaper articles, government records, and private letters and diaries—many never before published—Roberts brings the war-torn capital into focus through the lives of its formidable women. Plan ahead—On Wed., July 11, 2018 we’ll discuss Jerusalem, the Biography by Simon Selbag Montefeore (2011) 650 pages.

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