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CHV Advocacy Corp Celebrate 2017 Plan 2018

Friday, February 09 at 1:30 pm for 2 hr 30 min(signup deadline was 3 pm, Feb 08)
NE Public Library: 330 7th St NE, Washington DC 20003 accessible

Eat Cake, Celebrate and Plan the Revolution! Join the CHV Advocacy Corps on Feb 9th from 1:30-4 pm to celebrate a successful 2017 of advocating on senior issues and strengthening the community awareness of livability for all ages. CHV`s Advocacy will provide an overview of the 2017 wins and discuss the 2018 goals. You can become engaged in learning about what is happing in your neighborhoods, your ANC, your Ward and your city. All hands needed to change the world!

Member, volunteers, public
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