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King Charles III at Shakespeare Theatre Company (Closed)

Sunday, March 12 at 2 PM (signup deadline was 3 pm, Jan 23)
Shakespeare Theatre Company: Sidney Harman Hall 610 F Street NW Washington, DC 20004

Mike Bartlett‘s remarkable play about the British royal family imagines and dramatizes the political crisis engendered by the death (finally!) of Queen Elizabeth II and the rise of Prince Charles as King Charles III. The Queen had dominated Buckingham Palace for so long and weathered so many scandals that it is no surprise that Charles finds his accession to the throne problematical. In fact he plunges the country into a crisis almost immediately when he refuses to routinely sign a new bill passed by Parliament to limit the freedom of the press. The political scene is thrown into an uproar and the country veers on the edge of anarchy and rebellion. Not the least of his problems is that his divorced spouse, Princess Diana, who has been dead for many years—she was the beloved Princess Di to the British masses--is a ghost that haunts the stage. Charles has finally married Camilla, his first love, but she’s no prize. Plus Charles and Di’s two sons have taken radically different paths growing up: Will is pure establishment, married to glamorous and ambitious Princess Kate who begins to rival Princess Di in popularity, while Harry remains more than a bit of a scamp willing to slum it at the drop of a vowel. Palace intrigue, back-stabbing, a new princess in a hurry to gain a crown, a prince slumming with a new girlfriend from the streets—the play has all the ingredients for a grand Shakespearian drama of the modern age. This is a play for any national culture in unsettled times, when a potentially absolute ruler confronts widespread demonstrations, rioting, and political demagoguery at all levels. This is future or alternative history with a bite. Join your fellow theater buffs from the Village in excellent seats for the matinee performance on Sunday, March 12th at 2:00 pm at the Shakespeare Theatre Company (fully accessible for people with disabilities) followed by a wine & cheese discussion at the home of a member of the group. Discount tickets at $51 must be reserved by 3 p.m by Feb. 1, 2017, by calling or emailing the Village office (202-543-1778 or info@capitolhillvillage.org). Payment is to be made by check made out to Capitol Hill Village, with "King Charles III" in the memo line, and delivered in person or by mail by Feb. 1 to the Village office at 725 8th St., SE, 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20003.

All 15 places taken, 12 wait listed, you may signup for the wait list.

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