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Many individuals and communities around the country share the vision of Capitol Hill Village founding members to find a better alternative to retirement communities and nursing homes as they grow older. And all of us owe a debt of gratitude to Beacon Hill Village in Boston for creating a model organization designed to help with that goal.

With several years of experience to draw upon, Capitol Hill Village is in a position to offer help and advice to other communities who are interested in how CHV got started, gained legal status as a nonprofit organization, hired staff, set up office procedures, and developed its volunteer-first system of delivering services.

In 2008, we compiled a manual of policies and procedures as a way to codify what we had done and provide guidance to new staff and volunteers. That manual was revised in 2009, and is available in electronic form. We have also created and printed copies of a Members’ Handbook and a Volunteers’ Handbook, which we hand out to new members and volunteers as they join the organization. For those who order the procedures manual, we will also send copies of our handbooks, in either print or electronic form.

In addition, members of our Board of Directors are available to attend conferences or meet with persons or organizations that would like in-person discussion. To arrange for any of these products or services, please contact the Executive Director, at 202.543.1778.

Capitol Hill Village Administrative Documents

Launched in October 2007, Capitol Hill Village has created a successful model for providing services, expertise, and social and cultural programming. Seventy-five percent of our services and programs are provided by volunteers. In the process, CHV has developed a number of legal, policy, and administrative documents for our staff and members that should be of use to anyone working to create a volunteer-based “Village.” We are offering this collection of material in electronic form (Word files), so that they can be adapted and edited for various organizations and purposes.

Electronic files are available via VtV Network members via the member website.

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