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Capitol Hill Village calendar as of October 15, 2017
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_9:00am Easy Strollers
_10:00am RSVP for Oct 16 "Power & Lunch": Open...
_12pm "Power & Lunch": Open Rehearsal/Discussion of New...
_12:00pm RSVP for Oct 17 Evening Literary Club
_2:00pm Tai Chi
_3:00pm RSVP for Oct 19 Audio Book Club
_4:00pm Petanque Every Monday
_5:00pm CHV Travel Club Fall Kickoff Gathering
_6:30pm Caregiver Support Group
_10am Qi Gong
_12:00pm Second Wind
_1pm People and Stories
_1:00pm Village Connections Quarterly Working Retreat
_6pm Evening Literary Club
_12pm Weekly Meditation Hour
_2:00pm Mahjong Every Wednesday
_3:00pm RSVP for Oct 24 Dinner Party
_3:00pm Tech Moxie Training
_3:00pm RSVP for Oct 21 Paint Pick Up
_5:00pm Tour of Residences at Eastern Market (former Hine...
_10am Qi Gong
_2:00pm Games and Puzzles Group
_3pm Picture and Document Scanning Tutorial
_7:00pm Audio Book Club

_12:30pm Balance Class

_8:00am TIME CHANGE!! Walk (or Roll!) for a Lupus Cure

_9am Urban Walkers

_9:00am Paint Pick Up

_2:00 p.m “Death of a Salesman" at Ford`s Theatre with Craig Wallace