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Capitol Hill Village calendar as of December 11, 2017
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_9:00am Resumes March 5: Easy Strollers
_1pm Wise Guys Monthly Luncheon
_2:00pm Petanque Every Monday
_3:00pm RSVP for Dec 13 CHV Holiday Party!
_3:00pm RSVP for Dec 12 Village Opera Society
_4pm Purls of Wisdom CHV Needlework Group
_7:00pm Village Voices: Issues in Policing: Locally &...

_10am Qi Gong

_12:00pm Second Wind

_6pm Village Opera Society

_9:00am A Holiday Outing to Williamsburg
_12pm Weekly Meditation Hour
_1pm CHV Office Closed
_2pm CHV Holiday Party!
_2:30pm Mahjong Every Wednesday
_3:00pm RSVP for Dec 14 Meet, Walk, View, Eat (National...
_10am Qi Gong
_10:30 a.m Meet, Walk, View, Eat (National Gallery of Art)
_11:30am Mellow Flow Yoga
_2:00pm Social Bridge Group
_3pm Picture and Document Scanning Tutorial
_3:00pm RSVP for Dec 16 Paint Pick Up
_6pm Cinephiles

_12:30pm Physio Balance Class

_3:00pm RSVP for Dec 16 Urban Walkers

_9:00 a.m Urban Walkers

_9am Paint Pick Up