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Capitol Hill Village calendar as of April 29, 2017
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_3:00 p.m Theater: Athol Fugard`s "Blood Knot" (Mosaic Theater)

_9:00am Easy Strollers
_2:00pm Tai Chi
_2:00pm Petanque Every Monday
_3:00pm RSVP for Apr 30 Salon Event: Chocolate, Champagne,...
_3:00pm RSVP for Apr 24 Village Voices: Elizabeth Becker...
_4pm Purls of WIsdom CHV Needlework Group
_7pm Village Voices: Elizabeth Becker author of...
_10am Qi Gong
_12:00pm Second Wind
_2pm Emergency Preparedness Planning
_3:00pm RSVP for Apr 25 CHV Advocacy Corp Meeting and Update
_5:00pm CHV Advocacy Corp Meeting and Update
_12pm Weekly Meditation Hour
_1:30pm Consumer Protection Program
_3:00pm Mahjong Every Wednesday
_5:00pm RSVP for Apr 27 Village Opera Society:
_10am Qi Gong
_1:15 p.m Wellness Cafe: Staying Healthy While Traveling
_2:00pm Social Bridge Group
_5:00pm Village Opera Society:

_4:00pm Salon Event: Chocolate, Champagne, and Chopin