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2013 Annual Report

CHV Annual Report 2013

Message from the Executive Director

You hear a lot these days about the importance of family, neighborhood, and community. After high school and college, most of us, particularly those who find their way to a big city, no longer have easy access to the ready-made communities of our childhood.

Whether or not the image of small-town life, with friendly neighbors and supportive families, is real or a romantic ideal, we all know how important it is to be able to count on advice, support, reassurance, and companionship from people we know and trust, who also know us well. Wherever we are, and at every stage of life!

Newcomers to Capitol Hill, single people living alone, recent retirees, people dealing with unexpected health issues, or those who are simply getting older (arenít we all?) and in need of help now and then Ė all can benefit from the programs and services provided by Capitol Hill Village. You can call the Village for a ride or a vendor recommendation, or for help with most any need or problem that arises. By providing support and reassurance, the Village actually facilitates the very independence and control of our lives most of us want.

But the Village model is primarily about building relationships, and this point is apparently missed by many prospective members who have told us: ďIím not ready.Ē When you open your door to greet a volunteer, you want to see a familiar face, someone you already know. If you have participated in Village affinity groups, attended our annual gala, joined friends and neighbors for restaurant meals, or perhaps been a volunteer yourself, thatís exactly what happens!

There are many fee-for-service agencies and vendors in the city. But Capitol Hill Village strives to create a network of good advice and support based on long association. Thatís the ideal from our real or imaginary village; thatís what we strive to create for Hill residents today. And thatís why we hope that many will join us as members Ė sooner rather than later.

Katie McDonough
Executive Director

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Thanks to all of the individuals, foundations, private companies, and public agencies that made donations to Capitol Hill Village between October 1, 2012, and September 30, 2013.

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